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In this era of decreasing funding and increasing mandates, the Stark County Educational Service Center strives to provide high quality, cost effective services to our member districts which include 16 local and 5 city school districts and the R.G. Drage Career Technical Center.  The Service Center is committed to assisting the children served in our local and city districts.

The mission of the Stark County Educational Service Center is to provide  Vision ~ Leadership~ Service to our members.  The Service Center has experienced another outstanding year filled with many accomplishments.  Included in those accomplishments are the successes of our collaborative programs with districts that provide direct services to students.  Many programs available to Stark County students through the Educational Service Center, would not be possible without the support of the Service Center Governing Board, the cooperation of our member districts, and many dedicated administrators and staff who work tirelessly to provide an excellent experience for our students.

Shared Services continues to be the hallmark of the Stark County Educational Service Center and the 22 school districts it serves.  The Stark County Educational Service Center is committed to provide shared services to control costs and to offer enhanced opportunities for students and staff.

I wish to personally thank the Governing Board of the Stark County Educational Service Center as well as the dedicated employees of our Service Center for their commitment to every student they serve throughout our 22 member districts.  I also want to personally thank each of the school districts for their dedication to a collaborative spirit.


For more information, contact:

Joe Chaddock

Jim Nicodemo
Assistant Superintendent

Marty Bowe
Assistant Superintendent/SPARCC Director


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